Purina Antler Max doing the job

It’s that time of the month again down in South Texas.

That means the Lone Star Outdoor News crew is busy filling feeders on the deer lease.

We are pouring Purina Antler Max into the protein feeders, with high hopes the bucks will pack in enough nutrition to recover from the rigors of the rut and get a head start on antler growth, and the does will have more energy to raise a healthy fawn crop.

Craig Nyhus is working in the 90-degree heat today to make sure the deer have enough to get them through another 30 days. Think it’s hot now? Wait until we have to do this again in July and August.

Be sure to feed February through August in preparation for the upcoming hunting season.

According to Purina, Antler Max is scientifically proven to aid antler growth, density and strength — as well as improve reproductive performance and fawn health.

Eat up; deer season is getting closer and closer.

Click on the image to watch the short video below:

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