Stealth Cam raising the bar in 2014

Stealth Cam, introduced in the year 2000, quickly became the leader in scouting camera innovation.

Taking this category to the next level, Stealth Cam enters 2014 introducing new camera innovations, new logo and new packaging.

Stealth Cam has made a complete comprehensive line overhaul, leading the world of game cameras into the next generation of feature-packed products.  Starting with their latest cutting-edge technology in software upgrades and hardware componentry to a more sophisticated body housing, this new product line offers outdoorsmen the quality and reliability they are looking for in the field.   Reinforcing this totally redesigned line of high tech scouting cameras, Stealth Cam has developed a sleek, new logo that articulates this brand’s new image in the market place.

With the new top-end G Series cameras that encompass the latest, greatest, must-have technologies, to the mid-level E Series that incorporates a re-engineered user set-up, plus and advanced power management system, all the way to the P Series cameras that provide features that don’t break the bank, Stealth Cam ties today’s must-have gear with tomorrow’s marvel and technology.  New for 2014 Stealth Cam is introducing new technologies that encompass Retina™ Advanced Low-Light Sensitivity, Matrix™ Blur Reduction Technology, Reflex™ Sub 1-Second Trigger, Multi-Zone Detection, Geo-Tag, Secure Lock Digital Protection, and Energy Efficient Design.  Those are all in addition to their current pioneering technology portfolio of TRIAD® 3-in-1 Technology, HD Hi Definition Video, Quick Set – fast simple setup and Burst Rapid-Fire Mode.

Doug Mann, vice president of Product Development and Marketing said, “We are driven to provide the best scouting cameras on the market.  With many options available to consumers, we have a mission to set ourselves apart. Our team of engineers tap many other industries to stay on that cutting edge and we are excited to offer the ‘New Stealth Cam’ for 2014.”

STC-G42NG Front