Poachers, Crooks and Other Turkeys

Blotter BookPoachers, Crooks and Other Turkeys is a compilation of entries in the Lone Star Outdoor News Game Warden Blotter. The blotter, one of the bimonthly newspaper’s most popular features, tells the stories of wildlife crime and game wardens’ heroism.

Tales about “hunters” gone bad and “anglers” with a few too many fish in the bag are all too common – but never the same. Each one has its own wrinkles and its own unique bit of stupidity or ignorance. But crime isn’t the only part of a game warden’s job. They also come to the rescue of outdoorsmen in need, and education is one of the biggest parts of their job.

With Poachers, Crooks and Other Turkeys, Lone Star Outdoor News celebrates five years of publication. Covering all aspects of hunting and fishing in Texas, the newspaper seeks to inform readers about the state they love and enlighten them to what is happening around them. The blotter has been a part of every issue since the paper’s inception in 2004, and it remains a reader favorite.

The book is 5 inches by 8 inches and has more than 200 pages of stories from the Game Warden Blotter.

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