Texas Bighorn Society wins award from WAFWA

Kathy Boone, president of the Texas Bighorn Society, traveled to San Antonio to receive the President’s award from the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

The award was presented by WAFWA president Carter Smith.

“Each year the WAFWA President gets to recognize an individual or entity for their exemplary contribution to fish and wildlife conservation in the west,” Smith said. The award is the WAFWA President’s Award. The past list of honorees has been a rather distinguished one. This year as WAFWA President, the honor of recognizing an outstanding partner went to me. My selection, which was an easy one, is the Texas Bighorn Society. Candidly, it was an easy decision. I can think of no other partner who does so much, so frequently, and with so little expectation of recognition. Your success in restoring bighorns to west Texas mountaintops is simply unmatched and unassailable. But it goes beyond that. Your extensive network of conservation volunteers, your generosity to conservation efforts, your support for private landowners, and your work to further conservation as a whole in west Texas, Mexico, and beyond is simply remarkable.

“And you manage to do it with an all-volunteer team. All of us at TPWD are proud of what ya’ll have accomplished, and we are especially proud to be your partner.”