Texas dove season opens in North, Central zones

Written by Conor Harrison, LSON. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON.

Some good. A whole lot below average.

That was the prevailing sentement around North Texas as the 2015 dove season got underway this morning in the North and Central zones.

South of the DFW Metroplex, many hunters were left scratching their heads as to where the birds had gone. Several groups of hunters around Crandall and Terrell saw few flocks of birds and harvested even fewer.

Similar reports emerged from around Rockwall, where some groups of hunters never fired a shot this morning.

Outfitters and hunters both said a cold front is needed to bring more birds into the area, and with so much food available, the birds that are here are very spread out this early in the season.

The news wasn’t all bad, though.

Good morning in Celeste Texas,” said hunter Dale Boyle on Facebook. “We saw over 50 birds a little later in the morning than expected. Big groups all at once and then nothing. We put several in the freezer and going back out tonight for more fun. This opening day was not as good as 2014, however.”

The reports were much better in the central portion of the state around San Antonio.

Hunters took to message boards to celebrate good shoots around New Braunfels and Hondo.

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