Texas Fishing Report: Calm days, Cedar Bayou trout

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nathan Beabout

The lack of wind brought about a change of tactics for Capt. Nathan Beabout.

“It was almost slick calm the last few days,” he said. “I took customers to Cedar Bayou. The surf had just enough chop on it to dirty up the water.”

Beabout’s customers weren’t disappointed.

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

“With the bait stacking up in the stained water, we knew the trout would be lingering on the bottom — patrolling the edge of the bait,” he said. “From just before sunup to about 10 a.m., trout were crushing Tequila Gold and The Roach paddle tails.”

The group took a mid-morning lunch break and tried again around noon, looking for redfish. What they found was more trout.

“Although we didn’t find any reds, a continued solid trout bite left us with smiles and lots to talk about on the ride home,” Beabout said. “It has been some good days in the surf, and looking forward to the next time the wind allows us out again.”

To contact Capt. Nathan Beabout, call (210) 452-9680 or visit nmsportsmansadventures.com.