Texas Fishing Report: Reds good, trout tougher at San Antonio Bay

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nathan Beabout

The recent rains were a welcome sight for Capt. Nathan Beabout.

“Our typical late summer pattern has set in,” Beabout said. “The last 4-5 days, we have had a strong southwest wind. That wind causes San Antonio Bay to lose water.”

With the tides down 1- to 1.5-feet, the bay muddy trout fishing has become tough.

“With the drop in tides, I have turned my attention with customers to chasing one of several schools of redfish that have shown up on the outside shorelines,” Beabout said. “These schools patrol the outside shorelines feeding on the abundant mullet and crab hiding in the grassy bottoms. We are using top-waters and spoons for a fast retrieve and quick re-cast.”

There are some good trout to be had, though.

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

“Cruising on the edge or even behind these schools, a few quality trout can be found,” Beabout said. “These bigger trout are very smart, letting the redfish do all the work and using little energy feeding on what is left.”

Beabout is still anxious for the return of the prevailing, southeasterly winds.

“With this passing low-pressure system and much needed rain, our southeast wind will return, the water will come back up, and trout fishing will return to normal,” he said.

To contact Capt. Nathan Beabout, call (210) 452-9680.