Texas trout anglers headed to Llano River

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries will be stocking 2,400 rainbow trout into the Llano River near Castell on December 18.

This site is a recent addition to the winter trout program which provides Texans a unique fishing opportunity during the winter months. The trout will be dispersed among three public access sites along the Llano River down from Castell to ensure a wide distribution along this five-mile river stretch. The stocking sites will be the three river crossings at RR 2768, CR 102 and CR 103.

“This partnership will open a new fishing venue for anglers seeking rural fishing experiences in the Hill Country of central Texas,” TPWD District Fisheries Supervisor Marcos De Jesús said.

This segment of the Llano River, slightly west of the historic town of Llano, offers great natural panoramic scenery. Castell offers all you need for a remote fishing getaway, whether it’s lodging, equipment or dining year-round.

This fishery will suit all angler types, offering great opportunities for fly-fishing and those wishing to float the river for more than just trout. The Llano River is home to other species, like the Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass and white bass.

“Fishing should be great any time of year in this stretch of river,” said De Jesús.

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