Waiting out the weather in Port Mansfield

Written by Conor Harrison, Lone Star Outdoor News

Some days, the weather takes control and you just have to sit and watch, waiting for the opportunity to head into the bays in search of big trout.

That is what happened to LSON Founder David J. Sams this week in Port Mansfield, when storms rolled through and delayed fishing for some until the afternoon.

“There was a lot of red indicating heavy rain on the radar early in the day (Tuesday),” Sams said. “We waited until 2 p.m. to go fishing. The other group waited for the first big storm to pass and then fished through the lighter rain and they caught a few here and there.”


Sams said his group, along with Capt. Ted Springer from Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge, fished the afternoon in waist deep, off-color water in the bays east of Port M.

“We started out under the birds to begin with in really murky water,” Sams said. “We caught a few small ones and then we moved around a little and ended up catching a dozen keepers between 3 and 4 p.m. on top-waters — Zara Spook Jrs and MirrOlure Top Dogs. The trout ranged from keeper sized to the biggest — 26 1/2 inches and 6 1/2 pounds.”

Coincidentally, on Monday, Get-A-Way Capt. Mitch Richmond caught the biggest trout during the same timeframe — a 27-incher. The solunar tables showed the bite was occurring halfway between a minor and major feeding period.

“When bad weather hits, let it pass and make something out of the day,” Sams said. “The afternoon bite seems to be producing keeper-sized trout and one big one per day.”

To contact Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge, call (956) 944-4000.