Wasting time with waders

By Craig Nyhus, LSON.

The trout bit well at Port Mansfield this morning — but they were deep.

As a guest of Mike Sutton, the owner of Get-A-Way Lodge, Corpus Christi Caller Times Outdoor Editor David Sikes and I fished with guide Ted Springer, and we both wore our waders to have use of the pockets for waterproof camera equipment.

It didn’t take long to discover the wrong move. Within 30 minutes, a few trout were caught on long casts from a depth where we could stand without getting wet.

“I’m taking my waders off to get deeper,” I told David.

“I might as well, too,” he replied. “I have 20 gallons of water in mine.”

I’m six feet tall. David isn’t.

Getting deeper was the answer. David caught the most fish, and doubles and triples were common in the group. Unfortunately, even though they hit hard, nearly all of the fish were short, with a half-dozen or so nice trout mixed in.

But it sure was a lot of fun.

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