Webyshops.com ready for your outdoor business this Christmas season

Written by Webyshops.com

Webyshops.com is your local Texas outfitter for everything guns, ammunition, and gear in the Dallas/Fort Worth area at 805 Avenue H E, #501 in Arlington.

As companies like Amazon get out of the shooting sports industry, they are making strides in the other direction by creating a place on the web where every hunter, shooter, and outdoorsman in America can find all the products they need at the prices only the web can provide.

Webyshops are proud to carry the largest selection of Sitka apparel in Texas. They also stock all the major firearm brands like Glock, Colt, FNH, Springfield, Ruger, Browning, Daniel Defense, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Mossberg and more. In addition, they are also one of the premier optics provider and tactical accessory supplier. All told, they carry 12,000 unique items and have real-time access to an additional 300,000.

They will be taking the next step in their mission to foster a safe place for shooting sports on the web in 2015 by launching the new website — 1800GunsAndAmmo.com. It won’t just be a site to buy the firearms and ammunition you need to enrich your passions, it will also be a premier source for information like how-to guides, product reviews, and industry specific articles. Our new sister site, 1800Gear.com, will be your source for everything else outdoors.

Come join them at the Dallas Safari Club Convention to browse our products and meet with their knowledgeable staff. You can also stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday every week.