Weekend Update

By Darlene McCormick Sanchez

Craig Nyhus was pining for a day in the field this weekend. The closest he got was Bass Pro Shops where he bought some shotgun shells and a training duck for Dakota, the Lone Star Outdoor News’ office dog.

Meanwhile, David J. Sams headed to his deer lease where he got some cool game camera photos of a big buck under the super moon. Sams was lucky enough to photograph one of the largest bucks on the lease Friday afternoon. His friends were urging him to shoot the 4-year-old buck, but instead, he opted to use his Nikon. Give him a few more years and the hunt will be on for real. Some rutting activity was evident Saturday morning as a young 10-pointer had his nose pressed to the fence because a doe was on the other side.
At the lease, quail numbers seem to be down a little with smaller coveys this year compared to last. But turkey numbers are way up. There were 32 birds in the yard while he was cleaning up around the ranch house. Some were a mere 10 yards away from the house.

On the drive back, almost every pond was full of ducks and hunters reported a good weekend shoot.