Wild Sheep Foundation headquarters moving to Bozeman in 2016

Written by WSF. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON

The Wild Sheep Foundation international headquarters is moving to Bozeman, Montana during the spring of 2016. Incorporated in 1977 in Iowa, the then Foundation for North American Wild Sheep moved to Cody, Wyoming in 1982 where it has operated to date.

WSF has experienced record growth the last three years in fundraising, membership and program expenditures towards the foundation’s Purpose to “Put and Keep Sheep on the Mountain.” Capitalizing on this growth the WSF Board began evaluating mid size cities in April of 2013 as a possible new headquarters location. Eleven western cities from Reno to San Antonio and Ft. Collins to Missoula were evaluated using a comprehensive matrix and after a two-year evaluation process Bozeman was deemed the best location for WSF due to five primary dynamics:

#1 Access to a young, vibrant labor force of wildlife managers and marketers as potential additional WSF full & part-time staff and seasonal interns to build WSF mission capacity.

#2 Proximity to a world-class university where we have established a scholarship for wild sheep biologists and have developed exceptional relationships with department chairs.

#3 As a growing conservation non-profit, Bozeman offers WSF a dynamic mid-size city for local membership growth and staff professional growth and enrichment.

#4 Bozeman represents Montana’s fasting growing economy, is the epicenter of the outdoor industry and is home to many WSF strategic partners.

#5 Provides access to an Interstate highway and major airport with direct access/flights to the west and east coast.

“Cody has been good for WSF and WSF has been good for Cody” WSF President & CEO, Gray N. Thornton stated. “But it is time to take WSF to the next level. Bozeman provides the business, educational, social and philanthropic environment to accomplish this goal while offering quality of life for our staff that is second to none. We are thrilled to call Bozeman our new home” Thornton added.

WSF has leased space in the Four Corners region where an advance team of the Executive Vice President of Development and Conservation Director relocated July 1, 2015. The official move will occur April & May of 2016 with full implementation of the relocation to the new WSF International Headquarters at 412 Pronghorn Trail completed by June 1, 2016.

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