Yamaha offers generator for anglers, hunters on the move

 Hunters and anglers wanting a convenient way to get electricity out in the woods, look no further.


Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping and more, Yamaha’s portable inverter generator is a practical and versatile machine that can go just about anywhere with ease. Now available in Realtree AP, the EF2000iSH is a quiet, long-running inverter generator with a retro-modern design that delivers maximum output with minimum effort.

Easily transportable at only 44 pounds, the EF2000iSH does not sacrifice quality, featuring a longer engine durability rating as established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) in its class.

This portable inverter generator is fitted with Yamaha’s most technologically sophisticated muffler and Noise Block technology producing excellent noise reduction at 51.5 – 61dBA. Its small size, ease of use and versatile handling make the EF2000iSH a perfect generator away from the campsite as well. It is powerful enough to be used at home as a standby generator to run your refrigerator, TV, lights or microwave oven, or provide power for anywhere from construction sites to the tailgate party.

The EF2000iSH includes many features not available on its competitors, including the standard fuel gauge that allows users to see the fuel level at a glance without opening the gas cap. In addition, the inverter also includes an independent fuel petcock as standard equipment, allowing users to shut off the gas to run the carburetor dry, preventing stale gas problems and costly carburetor cleaning and repair.

The EF2000iSH will be available for purchase in August, just in time for hunting season and will only be available for a limited time at select Yamaha generator dealers.