LSON Foundation

Recruiting Hunters and Anglers for a Lifetime

The Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation will create hunting and fishing opportunities, benefit youth education and support wildlife research and outdoor journalism.

A 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

LSON Foundation Mission


Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation’s mission is all about one thing – providing opportunities.

Finding and cultivating future hunters and anglers is crucial to the survival of our passion for the outdoors. Unfortunately, many people never get the chance to have these life-changing experiences. Maybe they had parents who didn’t hunt; maybe they are from a single-parent household and need someone to give them a gentle nudge into the outdoors. This state is full of people wanting to become outdoorsmen or outdoorswomen, but they don’t know where to start.

The idea for LSONF stemmed from meeting and speaking with folks, both young and old, looking for such an opportunity. Stories written in Lone Star Outdoor News have highlighted this need.

There was Kelsey Boes, the college freshman who enjoyed her first-ever quail hunt with us. We also shared the saga of Sawyer Wright, who showed up at the front door of our duck lease as a 7-year-old eager to learn. Nearly 15 years later, Sawyer has completed his degree in wildlife management and currently works as a wildlife manager on a large South Texas ranch.

Wildlife research and outdoor journalism also need our support. They are included in LSONF’s mission.

We hope you will look at our mission statement and consider becoming a founding member to help us pursue these worthwhile, and vital, causes.

Mimi Sams, Executive Director
Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation

LSON Foundation Recognition

LSON Foundation RecognitionWhile discussing giving options with donors, especially corporate donors, it became readily apparent that recognition of donors’ generous gifts was lacking. Founding members of LSONF will now receive the recognition they deserve – in all of the foundation’s advertising, in periodic supplements placed in Lone Star Outdoor News, and in articles written regarding the foundation and its beneficiaries.

Opportunities – Research – Journalism -Education

LSONF will provide hunting and fishing experiences to those people eager to jump headfirst into the outdoors, but who lack the opportunity. From water and gun safety, to casting and shooting, to conservation and management of wildlife species, we plan to provide more than a one-time introductory experience.

Often, a worthwhile wildlife or fisheries research program is proposed based on solid, scientific-based research, only to fall through the cracks due to a lack of funding. With your help, LSONF will possess the ability to quickly evaluate a project and provide immediate funds when the research aligns with our mission.

Those wishing to pursue a career in outdoor journalism deserve our help and support. LSONF intends to help students turn their passion to write about hunting and fishing into a career by means of scholarships as well as internships and special projects available through our many contacts in the field of outdoor journalism.

LSONF will focus on a two-pronged approach in this area. It will not only support young men and women pursuing an education in the fields of wildlife and fisheries management, but it will also provide instruction on how to begin their journey into future outdoor careers.

Why We Need Your Help?

Why we need your help?

In talking to various people across the outdoor industry, we know that access is a major impediment to newcomers becoming involved in hunting and fishing. While we agree, we think there is a much larger issue – opportunity. Our passion for the outdoors simply isn’t being introduced to a wide spectrum of today’s youth. This omission even extends to those with the education and means to pursue the twin passions of hunting and fishing.

Let’s face it. Most students in our schools know little or nothing of the outdoors.

LSONF means to change that, regardless of gender, race or economic background. But we need your help, and we believe it’s in your best interest to help us. These soon-to-be graduates will find passions that excite them and spend their discretionary income in their pursuit. There is no reason that hunting and fishing shouldn’t be amoung their passions.

LSONF aims to provide opportunities for children and young adults to develop a passion for the outdoors, targeting individuals who will become future license holders in Texas.

It’s our hope that from buying their first fishing rod to purchasing a Texas hunting ranch, former students will fondly look back and say, “If it wasn’t for LSONF I wouldn’t be standing here today.”