2015 CCA STAR Tournament updated leaderboard

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6 Responses

  1. Eric Smith

    I weighed a Gafftop at Sportsmans yesterday 5.5 lbs .Why didn’t it make the leaderboard?
    Its obviously not a winner but it would be cool to see my name there. What is the problem?

  2. ed snyder

    i reported on a speckled trout of 8.5 lbs being caught at rollover pass last saturday– may 30th- the fish was weighed-in at stingray marina on bolivar peninsula tx- how long does it take to be registered on the leader board?

  3. ed snyder

    i’m concerned about an 8.3 lb speck i weighed in last year (2014) at stingray marina for the cca star but was told my 8.3 lb trout was beat out by an 8.4 lb speck- for the top 5 trout– is this true or did someone at stingray make a mistake– need to know asap– ed snyder

  4. Tracey Dinh

    Can you tell us where to view the prizes for tagged reds for 2015? I would like to see the truck and boat combo in person (in Houston area) if possible.