When receiving the invite as good as the event

dove1Lone Star Outdoor News Executive Editor Craig Nyhus just received a visit from friend Liz Foster at the office.

Liz dropped off the invitation for the 2012 Paloma Palooza Dove Hunt — a gathering of friends near Archer City during opening weekend for hunting and gourmet meals prepared by, yes, Liz, the owner of Three Rivers Catering in Dallas.

Liz has been in charge of this shindig for the past 15 years, and the invitations have grown right along with the event.

This year, Craig received his Paloma Palooza Barbie Doll Dove, complete with Quinceanera dress to signify the 15th year of the event.

Liz said it took her about three to four hours per invitation this year — and close to 40 people received invites! That is a lot of work designing the boxes, cutting the dresses for each dove and putting the whole thing together.

But this could be the best invitation we have ever seen.

Thanks, Liz.