Big fish at Brush to Bay

aabrushtobayTexas Deer Association members and friends took a break from tending to deer and deer habitat and went fishing on June 8 at the Brush to Bay Tournament, held out of Bluff’s Landing in Corpus Christi.

The ceremonies and Calcutta began — and were interrupted — on Friday night when a brief thunderstorm sent the registrants running for cover. Conditions improved for Saturday’s fishing, though, except for some teams that ran far south and found some fish but also some more storms.

The fishing prizes were excellent — the anticipated prize was a new Majek boat, motor and trailer given as a prize to one lucky entrant. After a stressful elimination process to get to the final five, the winner was announced — the team including Capt. Tom Perilloux and Clint Kacal of El Campo.

“We won the Guided Redfish Division, too,” Perilloux said. “It was a good day.”

Mike Wood’s team didn’t win the boat, and they missed the weigh-in by eight minutes.

“We got a speeding ticket on the drive from where we launched to the weigh-in,” he said.

Jimmy Burns, owner of Waterloo Rods, had a big day, placing in three categories, winning the Unguided Trout Stringer, finishing second in the Unguided Redfish Stringer, and he caught the biggest Oversized Trout.

“We fished at the Land Cut,” Burns said. “A few storms came through but it wasn’t too bad.”

Burns’ trout weighed 8 pounds and was 30 1/8-inches in length.

“And the Calcutta was real good,” he said.

Team Results:

Guided — Trout Stringer

   1st – Eddie Aguilar

  2nd– Laren Tipps

  3rd– Dwain Bankston

Unguided — Trout Stringer

   1st – James Burns

  2nd– Stacy Wyatt

  3rd– Leo Martinez

Guided — Red Stringer

   1st – Clint Kacal

  2nd-Dwain Bankston

  3rd-Tommy Spalten

Unguided — Red Stringer

 1st -Paul Swoyer

  2nd-James Burns

  3rd– Kevin Dziuk

Individual Results

Oversized Trout-James Burns

Oversized Red-Lauren Tipps

Black Drum-Jason Skinner

Flounder-Danny Gonzales