Crappie Anglers of Texas hosts successful Crappie Fest on Fork

Written by Ken Gaby

The Crappie Anglers of Texas held their annual Crappie Fest Tournament on Lake Fork this past weekend.

What a great tournament.

The weather cooperated and the fish bit better Saturday than Friday. Impressive weights for the adults and junior anglers. Winning fish was 2.51 pounds and caught by Mark Standridge using the new Slab Commander in Mississippi Flash from Crazy Angler.

Crazy Angler just came out with this bait about two months ago. Second place was Raul Sandoval with a 2.45-pound crappie  fishing from his kayak. If you recall, Raul was 4th last year fishing from that kayak.

There were 117 entries in the adult division, nine junior anglers 10-and-under, and nine junior anglers 11-17. Once again, the closest-too contest was very close, with many fish at 1.51 to 1.53.

Most of the big fish were caught in 5 to 8 feet of water. Some females with eggs and some spawned out — Smaller males in 3 to 5 feet of water.


Here’s the results:

Junior Angler 10 and under
Wyatt Standridge 2.41
Langdon Froebe 2.07
Gracie Standridge 1.77
Haydon Standerfer 1.69
Nicholas Ezell 1.66
Aaron Hill 1.39
Charlotte Gildner 1.13

Junior Angler 11-17
Kaden Rogers 1.85
Ronnie Trevilion .75
Dallas Scott .70
Sarah Reicherts .55

Top 10
Mark Standridge 2.51
Raul Sandoval 2.45 fishing from his kayak
Lee Braly 2.23
Chuck Martin 2.23
Bob McAffrey 2.10
Donald Hogan 2.09
Chris Waters 2.07
Donna Miller 2.05
Lucas Gaston 2.03
Dennis Miller 2.02

Closest to 1 pound three way tie
David Hill
Stephen Vasterling
Chad Blackstone

Closest to 1.25 lb
Bill Mouw

Closest to 1.50 lb
David Goodson 1.49

Closest to 1.75
Ahn Nguyen