Dallas Safari Club admitted to IUCN


Written by DSC

Dallas Safari Club has been formally admitted as a new member of the IUCN, the United Nations’ International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The admission follows a lengthy and rigorous application process, and positions DSC within one of the world’s most influential and respected conservation bodies.

The IUCN announced DSC’s membership on May 13.

“We are extremely pleased with the IUCN’s decision and proud to be an official member of this highly respected group,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “DSC is dedicated to conservation, education and advocacy. As an IUCN member, we will be even more effective in our mission to conserve wildlife and wild places.”

The IUCN is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization, and is considered a leading international authority on both the environment and sustainable development. It is a neutral forum for governments, non-government organizations, scientists, businesses and local communities to find practical solutions to conservation and development challenges. The organization is currently engaged in thousands of field projects and activities around the world.

“DSC has a well-documented history of contributing to conservation and sustainable-use projects and programs, both here in the U.S. and also internationally,” added Carter. “We very much look forward to becoming actively involved with IUCN endeavors, and will fully support the IUCN’s mandate to conserve our planet’s biodiversity, and advocate for sustainable use of wildlife resources.”

3 Responses

  1. Nanette Carter

    If, in an ideal world, rhinos, elephants, and many other iconic species were roaming the earth in OVER populated numbers – then and only then – might hunting be considered a “conservation” measure.
    However, in the case of Corey Knowlton’s $350K purchase of an opportunity to kill one of a few black rhino bulls is NOT conservation. By any definition it is purely ego, arrogance, narcissism and GREED!
    When a species is literally on the brink of EXTINCTION if the Dallas Safari Hunting club was all about “conservation” they’d be helping to HUNT POACHERS rather than the very animals that are being slaughtered for their horn (and now for their head to hand on a wall). Or, the DSH would be making direct donations to the actual heroes of conservation, the RANGERS that put their lives on the line to SAVE these iconic, keystone, sentient, peaceful species.

    There are many ways the DSH could have contributed to true CONSERVATION efforts besides a hunting permit to KILL an endangered species. This is nothing more then murder for pay! And what has DSH done with the $350K they claim will “go to conservation efforts”? Is anyone holding them accountable?

    Just another example of the financially elite NOT giving a damn about the environment, conservation, of the future just so long as they get theirs…. Another good-ole rich, white boys club that has NO regards for the world around them

    Disgusting – and then to have them entered into an international organization that promotes conservation just days before the kill! OUTRAGEOUS! The IUCN will NEVER garner our support. And, we intend to ask for a major investigation on the US Fish & Wildlife Commission as to why they allowed this to happen. We will work night and day to see it NEVER happens again.

    • Conor Harrison

      Please keep us posted on how the investigation goes. Also, if another auction ever happens again, please have your group bid on the permit. We’ve heard a lot of antihunting groups say Corey should have purchased the hunt and just donated the money, yet none of them tried to outbid him to do just that. It’s time some of them used their money to back up their rhetoric. Thank you for the comment.

  2. william huard

    There must be a mistake. Did the iucn run out of human beings?