Leica Sport Optics introduces the ER i Rifle Scope

aascopeFans of Leica Sport Optics are about to be a happy bunch.

Leica Sport Optics just added to its line of ER riflescopes with the introduction of two new ER i riflescopes: the ER i 2.5-10×42 and the ER i 3-12×50. 

These new riflescopes boast a lean and classic design making them simple and easy-to-use. They also feature Leica’s legendary optical performance and the addition of an illuminated red dot, available in three reticle configurations: 4a, Ballistic and IBS.

Understanding the nature of the hunt, Leica Sport Optics designed the ER i riflescope to perform reliably, regardless of weather or terrain. The ER i features a large and ergonomically-designed setting dial on the left side of the riflescope, so even a gloved hunter can easily activate and adjust the illuminated dot on the reticle. Nine brightness settings, as well as clearly defined “On/Off” positions, guarantee a clear and distinct view, even during low-light hours when game animals are most active.

Backcountry hunters need not worry about the scope’s battery life. Leica’s sophisticated, energy-saving system ensures maximum battery conservation. On the brightest setting, the battery lifetime in continuous mode is more than 40 hours and more than 210 hours on the intermediate setting. Plus, with Leica’s intelligent “Auto On/Off” function, the illumination will turn off when not in a regular shooting position or when left on unintentionally, providing even longer battery life.

With the new Leica ER i riflescope, hunters get the quality they expect from a premium Leica product. Among its impressive optical qualities, the scope boasts extraordinary contrast, low vignetting, generous field of view and extraordinary light transmission. Like other scopes in the ER line, the ER i provides 4 inches of eye relief, which gives an extra dose of safety when shooting lightweight, big-bore rifles. The scope’s design enables reliable observation and ethical shooting until the last available light.

The ER i riflescope line embodies all the advantages of the proven ER mechanical design: substantial dimensioned tube wall thickness, the tightest production tolerances and Finite Elements Method optimized geometric shapes, leading to a superbly reliable product.  The generous mounting area and lean, classical lines guarantee perfect mounting and a stylish look for this true performer.

The ER i comes available with three illuminated reticles:

  • Reticle 4a: Classical hunting reticle
  • Reticle Ballistic: Ballistic reticle with stadia lines for long-range shots
  • Reticle IBS: MOA based ballistic reticle with stadia lines and hash marks

Also, a new, patented bullet drop compensator turret is now available for ER i scopes. When equipped with the BDC, the ER i gains a whole new level of long-range capability.

Leica is now offering two different mounting systems: the “tried and proven” rail mounting system popular with European firearms, and the traditional “ring and base” system.

Prices for the ER i riflescopes range from $1,599 to $2,349 depending on model, reticle, and mounting system.