Bluegills, bugs and bows

waco1The Lone Star Outdoor News crew took a couple of days to enjoy some down-home activities near Waco this past weekend.

The fun started with some ultralight fishing on one of the ponds, where LSON Managing Editor Conor Harrison’s daughter, Marley, got to catch her first fish.

The action was slower than expected, but each angler managed to land a couple of bass and bluegill each, and even more pond grass. The grasshoppers, spiders, minnows and scorpions were out in force, so we suspected the fish might have been stuffed on the critters, making them less interested in our bait.

Once the mosquitoes started biting more than the fish, we headed up to the house and ate a meal consisting of excellent duck, dove and deer grilled by LSON Executive Editor Craig Nyhus.

The next morning brought plenty of effort from the group, but few bites on the pond. After Conor and his family headed back to Dallas, Craig, LSON Art Editor Amy Moore and I headed down to do some bowfishing for carp in the noon-day sun. 

The kissy sounds the carp make as they feed helped us locate the fish.  A couple of close misses later and I managed to strike a nice-sized carp.

waco2The evening ended with Amy catching a nice bluegill on her fly-rod, and Craig countered with a small bass.

It was a great weekend getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the office hopes to make it back soon when, hopefully, the fishing has turned back on.