Weekend retreat and heat

cabinWhen the boss man asks if you want to skip a day of office work to go hang out at his ranch, you answer “Yes,” as you simultaneously pull on your work boots.

LSON founder and CEO David Sams and I headed west from Dallas to the outskirts of Old Glory this past Sunday to fill deer feeders, check coyote traps, and simply get away from all the concrete and noise of the city.

 Upon arrival at the ranch, we made a quick sweep of the cabin to check for live snakes or dead mice, with only the latter being present — including one under the cushion of the couch I was to be sleeping on.

Mostly satisfied, we headed out in the truck to move a deer blind to a different area of the ranch, as well as put out 500 pounds of protein, and 150 pounds of corn. The thermometer said 112 as we left the cabin to do our work. 

When darkness rolled around, we headed back to the cabin, tired and a little sweaty. On our way, a bobcat ran across the road in front of us, and in two jumps was over the high-fence in a second. A blink would have caused you to miss it.

Back at the cabin, I split some firewood as David grilled up a few mule deer steaks, which turned out to be exceptional.

Up early Monday morning, we cruised around to try and see how the deer were doing. We were happy to see a couple of fawns and does, as well as a group of four toms and five hen turkeys. After resetting some coyote and varmint traps and moving another feeder, we called it a day.

Upon leaving, we both commented on how good it felt to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a couple of days, and just relax in nature, where we both truly feel at home.windmill