Just fishin’ in the rain

TXI5201A rainy day sees many anglers sleeping in or staying home to tackle their honey-do list. But wet weather conditions could be a good time to hit the lake and try some different tactics.
According to Lake Fork guide and fishing pro Mark Pack, a little rain won’t keep him at home.
“Those fish are more aggressive,” Pack said. “There’s less pressure on the atmosphere and it makes the fish feel more safe.”
Keying in on this behavior, Pack said he’ll pitch his lures a little shallower than he would if the sun was out.
“A lot of people don’t use buzzbaits in the rain, but buzzbaits are always good in the rain,” he said. “And spinner baits and chatter baits can be good.”
When the weather is more of a bluebird day, Pack said bass tend to hang around structure, and their strikes are more reactionary in nature. When the weather is cloudy and rainy the fish go more into a predatory mode, which can equal more bites for the angler.
So instead of feeling down the next time there’s rain in the weekend forecast, consider grabbing some rain gear, a few noisy lures, and hitting your favorite fishing spot. As the old saying goes, the fish are already wet.
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