Leupold introduces redesigned Gold Ring spotting scopes

Written by Leupold & Stevens

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has redesigned the legendary Gold Ring Spotting Scope line, offering enhanced ruggedness, a new industrial design and a reticle matched to the company’s riflescope offerings.

With a reputation of ruggedness, reliability, and lightweight construction, Gold Ring Spotting Scopes deliver unsurpassed optical quality. The new line of Gold Ring Spotting Scopes continues that lineage throughout the entire line.

New for the Gold Ring Spotting Scope is the addition of the Impact Reticle™ in the 12-40x60mm HD and the 20-80x60mm models. This MOA-based, front focal plane reticle allows guides or spotters to call impacts and offer immediate corrections. A minute-of-angle based grid set in the lower half of the viewing field allows for fast and accurate measurements at any magnification. Additional milradian dots allow the Impact reticle to be used with mil-based reticles as well.


The combination of an MOA reticle in the spotting scope and matching adjustments on the riflescope make sighting in a simple, two-shot process. Fire a shot, measure the adjustment using the reticle’s gradiations, dial in the adjustment and fire the second to confirm.

“Spotting scopes are one of the most important tools in the hunter’s pack,” said Pat Mundy, director of brand communications for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “A good spotter helps the hunter scout longer and the wider field-of-view can help locate and identify animals otherwise missed.”

A new armor coating offers protection in the field, while the prism-less Folded Light Path system significantly reduces the overall length, making the Gold Ring a great option for back country hunts or anywhere else space is at a premium.

Designed, machined and assembled in Leupold’s Oregon manufacturing facility, the Gold Ring Spotting Scope is completely backed by the Leupold Gold Ring™ Full Lifetime Guarantee.

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