The long road

Unless you live in Dallas, it takes some travel time to get to the Dallas Safari Club Convention happening right now at the Dallas Convention Center.

Some travel short distances, while many travel literally halfway across the world to attend.

Matt Graham, managing director for Hunt Australia, along with Leith Graham, might hold the record.

One of their hunting camps — Watervalley Game Reserve in southeast Australia — is 9,300 miles from Dallas, making it the farthest hunting area from Dallas.

The two boarded a flight in Sydney on Jan. 2 for the 19-hour direct flight to Dallas on Quantas Airlines.

“We flew in a little early,” Matt said. “We have lots of friends in the area and it gives us a chance to catch up.”

Matt said the show was picking up as it headed into the second day.

Hunt Australia has several areas across the country where they conduct hunts. The water buffalo and banteng hunts are conducted in the Northern Territory, while six species of deer are hunted in the south.

“The last few seasons have been very good (at the Watervalley Game Reserve),” Matt said. “We had a drought that took its toll, but the animals have come back. We are practicing some new game management techniques and the quality of multiple species is excellent.

Other species that Hunt Australia offers include red stag, rusa deer, sambar, hog deer, wild boar and tahr.

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