Making a weekend out of it

Just like turkeys gobbling and wildflowers blooming in the Hill Country, making sausage with last season’s leftover venison is an early spring tradition for several in the LSON office.

LSON Founder David J. Sams, along with his wife, Adrienne, and LSON Executive Editor Craig Nyhus travel down to Boerne on Friday to the home of Theo and Danna Kohleffel.

Along with a group of friends and family, a weekend of cubing, seasoning, grinding and stuffing commences.

Beginning with the 1849 German secret family recipe known only to Theo, the meat is seasoned before going through the old-time sausage stuffer, where it is then filled into casings and tied.

About 280 pounds of sausage was made this weekend — jalapeño cheese salami, dried and fresh venison sausage and pork pan sausage.

The dried venison will go into the drying shed today to smoke above live oak bark. It will then hang to dry for another two or three weeks.

“Today is much better to begin the drying process because the humidity is out of the air, especially compared to yesterday,” David said, as he manned a taping station along the assembly line of workers. “This is always a fun weekend and we have had a good time.”