Money earmarked for cervid research at Texas Tech

Texas Tech University officials celebrated a research investment on July 30 totaling more than $850,000 in support of a white-tailed deer and cervids research program at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health.

Led by associate professors Ernest Smith and Steve Presley and senior research associate Galen Austin, the research project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the university and the Deer Breeders Corp.

As part of the overall investment, the Deer Breeders Corp. recently provided a $325,000 gift to the program, which is in addition to an initial start-up grant and other investments valued at approximately $370,000 from the company.

Eligible for matching funds from the Texas Research Incentive Program, the $325,000 gift is anticipated to be matched at a 50-percent rate of $162,500, bringing the total investment for this research project to more than $850,000.

The funds are being used to establish a white-tailed deer and cervids research program at Texas Tech, which includes the construction of a dedicated research facility. As part of the project, researchers at TIEHH will look for drug residues; investigate insect-borne disease transmission dynamics; and study nutrition and genetics in white-tailed deer and cervids.