New hunter thanks LSON Foundation

Last weekend, the Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation took first time hunter, Jeremy Garner to Preston Ranch in Menard County where he shot his first buck. Jeremy shot a really nice 22-inch, mature 6 pointer, making a great first trophy. It’s rewarding to see the impact the LSON Foundation can make one people’s lives.

This is a thank you letter from Robert, Jeremy’s father.

On behalf of Jeremy and myself, I want to thank each of you and everyone else involved with making this past weekend a reality.  The hunt was a first class experience from beginning to end. I can attest that both of us had an experience that will go with each of us for the rest of our days.  

It was such a great moment to watch my son take his first buck.  The fact that it was a trophy buck made it even a greater shared experience between a father and son.  Words alone will never express my gratitude to each and every person involved with this past weekend.

Everything was a teaching moment for an old hunter as well as the young first time hunter.  Sawyer and Cole were priceless in their knowledge of deer hunting, the terrain, the local wildlife and vegetation.  The doe hunt and voyage around some of the property Sunday morning was something that everyone should experience.  The cabin was great! A beautiful view of the San Saba river, turkey running down the road as we drove back in after the morning hunt was incredible.  Please pass on to John that allowing kids to come hunt on his ranch is an amazing gift that he is giving!!

 For a few years now Jeremy has wanted to be a K-9 Police officer, on our trip home yesterday he said, “I think I may look into being a Game Warden.”  His class plan in high school is in Criminal Justice…gentlemen we may have just given birth to another protector of all wildlife species.  When “Outrigger” (the name Sawyer gave the Buck) gets back from being mounted I will send pictures.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone,

Robert and Jeremy Garner

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