Pendleton Safes boasts unique features

safffeHunters know that storing their guns in a protected place is necessary to safeguard their collection and keep control over access to their investments. 

But for outdoorsman who doesn’t already have a reliable way to supervise access to their guns, look to the tried and true Pendleton Safes — proudly made in the USA.

Pendleton Safes are manufactured with state of the art engineering and materials.  Owners can secure valuable firearms and prized possessions without worry against theft or deterioration. Pendleton Safes have a product for the beginning hunter to the serious collector, with three distinct product lines with customizable shelving able to secure up to 94 firearms. Wide and slender door models are both available, but all have rounded backs for efficient placement in corners.  

And owners don’t have to shift through a cluttered mess every time they open the safe’s door; all products are equipped with Pendleton Revolution Technology™ — a unique circular design with an external top shelf and internal modular shelving that rotates 360 degrees at the touch of a button to bring your guns and gear directly to you. 

KnightOrngComboHere are just a few of the reasons Pendleton Safes are so respected and reliable.

·      Proudly made in the U.S.A. with 100% Steel Construction.
·      Round configuration fits anywhere.
·      Hassle-free access means you’re never more than one gun away.
·      Plate bolt design provides 4X the surface contact.
·      Unique revolving design makes storing simple.
·      Original pistol shelving technology accommodates large collections.
·      No carpet or sheet rock!
·      S&G Electronic Locking System.
·      Single vertical and 5-spoke .50 cal. handles with 2 finishes to choose from.
·      Bright, LED lit interiors provide pristine visibility.

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