Weekend update

By Darlene McCormick Sanchez

Lone Star Outdoor News

A wet, warm Christmas weekend greeted those who decided to get in a little hunting and fishing. Capt. Nathan Beabout did a little holiday fishing on the coast and reported that the trout fishing has been steady. Wade-fishing has been good over shell and mud in knee- to thigh-deep water. Baits of choice have been light colored soft plastics and Corkys.

“Weather has not affected the bite too bad. We are still able to find fish each day, it’s just a matter of timing,” he said.

Beabout believes the founder run is just about over, as the last large spawning fish made their move to the Gulf of Mexico. But there are still fish to be had. He estimates that 30-40 percent of the flounder stay in the bay through the winter. The flounder tend to push into shallower water on warmer nights., making for some excellent fishing.

As for hunting, Craig Nyhus limited on both duck in Lamar County and dove near Clyde. Dakota, the newsroom dog, got a workout retrieving both as well. Nyhus is pleased with his steady progress.