West Texas winter storm hunt

Editor’s note: This story was just sent to us from LSON Founder David J. Sams, who is sitting in a deer blind in Stonewall County.


Most every deer hunter in this state is probably going crazy if they are not out hunting right now.

The winter storm has dropped white stuff on the ground outside of my blind. It’s been steadily spitting since about 10 a.m.

A few nice bucks were milling around as the feeders went off and I managed to rattle up seven others later this morning while walking around. I climbed up into this blind a little early this afternoon, hoping to see movement, but It is quiet now.

As I’m writing this report, I looked up and there are three bucks at the feeder — one a very nice 10-point. They all stopped for a couple of seconds and moved across the wheat field. I’m thinking they want the wheat over corn because it’s so cold, but no, they keep walking.

The smallest buck bolts and now I see why they were in the field. Two does.

They must be hot.

All the bucks are now running, jumping and crashing trough the brush in pursuit.

I’m sitting here because I’m hunting this deer in the photo. I hope another hot doe comes by with him in tow.

LOOKING FOR YOU: David hopes this buck comes by his blind tonight. Photo by LSON.

LOOKING FOR YOU: David hopes this buck comes by his blind tonight. Photo by LSON.


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