More funding boosts fight against invasive aquatic species

Lone Star Outdoor News

Efforts to stop aquatic invasive species from taking over Texas waterways are ramping up this spring, made possible through record funding from state lawmakers. Invaders like giant salvinia, zebra mussels and many others blanket waterways and block boating, fishing and swimming, crowd out native species, spoil rivers and lakes, and clog power plant and municipal water pipes. Experts say it’s a huge challenge, but progress is being made, and the public still has a key role to play.

The 84th Texas Legislature provided $6.3 million to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for aquatic invasive species management in 2016-2017, an increase from $1.1 million in the previous biennium. Bolstered by this record appropriation, the department has built or expanded partnerships with universities, river authorities, municipal water districts, non-profits, local, state and federal agencies, and other partners to deliver more than 60 projects statewide.