LSON survey — how much do you think about hunting?

deervisionMore than just a hobby, hunting in Texas is a tradition-filled way of life for many, where families celebrate a youth’s first deer kill, and individuals lay awake at night afraid to oversleep the alarm that signals a new season to take to the woods and waters searching for game.

But Lone Star Outdoor News wants to know exactly how passionate the average Texan is about their love of the hunt. Is it something that just crosses your mind when you drive past a cut cornfield and see dove flying? 
Or does the exponential emergence of mesquite as you travel south trigger visions of big bucks just over the next hill? Maybe the smell of salt along the coast brings memories of redheads swooping over a decoy spread. How often does hunting cross your mind?
So let’s hear from the passionate Texas hunters out there about how often hunting controls your thoughts. It might only be once or twice a day, or it could be a continuous cycle of bows, bucks and bluebills. Either way, we want to know.

Take the two-question survey at LSON Hunting Surveywith results to be published in the October 26 edition of LSON.