Cold front finds anglers struggling on Bob Sandlin

TXI400When a cold front moves through, most Texans think about visiting the deer blind as opposed to casting for bass.

But for anglers who did fish on Lake Bob Sandlin recently instead of climbing into the stand, the fishing was tough.

“This time of year some fronts can be good, but this was the strongest front of the year and it definitely impacted the fish,” said Lone Star Outdoor News Operations Manager Mike Hughs who fished in a tournament on the lake this past weekend. “People were catching on average of ten fish a day last weekend, but the majority of the fish were small non-keepers.”

Hughs said bluebird skies with high pressure and a full moon, in addition to post-front conditions have made for difficult fishing on the lake.

“The fish were shallow and hit on reaction-type baits,” he said. “The fish that bit were just random. You could go into spots you’ve caught them before, fish it thoroughly, and not get a bite.”

Hughs said he heard of some big fish being caught despite the tough fishing, with at least one angler this past weekend catching an 8-pound bass, though the average from Lake Bob Sandlin this past weekend was closer to a pound and a half.

“It was slow to fair,” Hughs said. “Fish are kind of like humans; when it’s cold and nasty outside the fish stay in bed. But, there will be some big fish caught on these fronts.”