Mimi Sams named Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation Executive Director

The Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation announced the appointment of Mimi Sams as the new Executive Director. Mimi “couldn’t be more excited to grow this foundation and get more people into the outdoors” and will begin work immediately.

Sams is an international sportswoman who has hunted and fished on three continents; from whitetail in Texas to plains game in Africa and water buffalo in Australia. She has a passion for wildlife conservation as a member of Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International.

Sams hopes to make a difference in the outdoor world by helping bring new people into it. After this year’s 7th Annual Wild Game Supper fundraiser hosted at the Beretta Gallery, the foundation raised nearly $17,000 with the help of Mimi’s efforts.

The current Executive Director, Craig Nyhus, is pleased to be passing the torch and will continue to help new people experience hunting and fishing.

“Mimi brings the enthusiasm and organizational skills to take the foundation to higher levels and get more people involved,” he said.

The Lone Star Outdoor News Foundation’s mission is to give people the opportunity to go hunting and fishing, creating hunters and fishermen for a lifetime. The foundation is excited to get at least 20 more people out into the field after this year’s event. For more information or If you would like to contribute to the foundation, go to lsonews.com/lson-foundation or call (214) 361-2276.