In Sights Nutrition help bring deer to you

With more than 30 years’ experience in the feed and commodities industry In Sights Nutrition owners Jason Grau and Steve Stone have built a reputation for knowing what animals require to grow healthier and larger.

“No one has more experience in animal nutrition than we do and our line of deer products, Buck Nut, Buck Strut, Buck Draw and new Eclipse have been scientifically formulated to provide deer with the nutrients they need, but also are potent attractants that will draw deer in with the enticing aroma and keep them coming back for the taste deer crave,” Grau said.  “For hunters who want to bait or pattern deer, our deer products will ensure the deer in your hunting area will respond in a predictable way, allowing you to draw them where you want them and keep them coming back.”

Several of the companies products are listed below:

BUCK NUT — Powder Attractant/supplement provides high fat and high energy for deer. Contains a blend of peanuts, protein, sugar and grain by-products to promote antler growth and improved health.

BUCK DRAW — Supplement/attractant is a peanut-based product high in proteins and carbohydrates with a sweet irresistible taste and aroma that deer crave.

BUCK STRUT — Syrup attractant, and unlike other wildlife attractants, contains NO salt water, just 48 percent real sweet sugar syrup that draws in big bucks and keeps them in.

ECLIPSE —  The ultimate  supplement/attractant is a unique blended feed and supplement developed specifically for hunters who want to intensify the antler growth and body condition of whitetail deer.

In Sights Nutrition produces a full line of feed supplements and attractants for breeders and consumers for deer, hogs, turkey and bear.