Texas Fishing Report: Back marsh trout

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nathan Beabout

With the first cool front of the year passing late Monday night, Tuesday’s outing went according to plan, according to Capt. Nathan Beabout.

“The cooler temperatures sparked a pretty good trout bite in the back marsh, along with several fat redfish along windward banks,” Beabout said.

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

With nighttime forecasts in the uppers 60s, water temperatures will drop.

“Right now, our water starts off around 78-79 degrees and climbs to 80.5-81.8 degrees during the day,” Beabout said. “This is a big change from our upper 80 to lower 90 degrees temps we were dealing with just a few weeks ago.”

The Seadrift guide said regular trout activity returns with the cooler water.

“This makes it a little easier to pattern and stay on fish over the course of the week,” he said. “We will also start to see a lure selection change in the month ahead, depending on the next front. If the fronts start stacking up, driving our water temps down more,  bait selection will move from 4-inch plastics to 5-inch plastics and some Corky Fatboys will be cleaned off. If our water climbs back up into the mid to high 80s, normal summer baits will continue to produce.

Beabout also is excited about the upcoming duck season, as his recent trip to the marsh not only resulted in a lot of fish, there were a lot of ducks buzzing around.

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