Fort Hood back open for bow hunting

aabowshotPost officials have reopened bow hunting for deer on the Fort Hood reservation.

The area had been closed because of the federal government shutdown.

Gun and rifle deer hunting season will begin Nov. 2.

Fort Hood’s wildlife specialists of the natural resource management branch will meet the requirements for deer check in and the data collection process, which plays a critical role in the management of the wildlife program.

There are five requirements to hunt on Fort Hood:

1. State License: (Soldiers get free State “Super Combo” License with proof of six months Texas residency) Proof of residency for this license are: military service record indicating Texas is the person’s home of record or that the person’s duty station for the six months immediately before the time of application is in Texas. 
2. Fort Hood Permit: Available at Sportsmen’s Center.
3. Access Card: Available at Area Access Control in Sportsmen’s Center Pro Shop (254) 287-5847.
4. Firearm Registration: Register at the provost marshal’s office (254) 287-4001, corner of 58th Street and Battalion Avenue, or at the visitor’s center at Fort Hood’s main gate. (All guns must be registered including black powder and muzzleloaders.) Do not bring personal firearms on post before registering them. You must declare firearms at the gate after registered. All gates open to registered firearms access.
5. Hunter Education Certificate.
Tele Trac requires hunters to have the current season’s access code sheet, which also available at the Sportsmen’s Center, (254) 553-8817 (8818, 8819, 8820, 8821, 8822, 8823, 8824).

If hunters have any further question, contact Judy Johnson at (254) 532-4552.