Falcon fishing good, getting better

We just received a report from our friend on Falcon International Reservoir, guide Stan Gerzsenyi, who said the spinner bait bite on Falcon is heating up as the water temperatures have finally fallen.

Stan said majority of the bass are in tight schools, and when you find them, you can catch a mess of them.

“We caught a 7-pounder (yesterday) morning,” he said. “A couple of other guys caught a 10.5. We are catching some good fish. Some of the fish are up shallow.”

Stan said Falcon bass spawn several times each year, and the big, 10.5-pound bass “was dripping eggs.”

“There is some spawning going on,” he said. “A 1/2- or 3/4-ounce spinner bait slow rolled in 5- to 10-feet of water is good. We are doing a little flipping also. Some fish are being caught on a Rat-L-Trap and some on flukes.”

The water temperature dropped from the low 70s to around 57 degrees with the last cold front.

“It is getting better,” he said. “It is about 50/50 between the American and the Mexican side. The bigger fish are coming from the Mexican side, but we are catching better numbers on the American side.”

To contact guide Stan Gerzsenyi, call (830) 768-3648.