Just Scott

aascottyHow does a Texas angler get his picture on the cover of a national magazine?

The angler must have knowledge of the water, the right fishing gear, be proficient in their skills, have the right weather conditions and execute when the trophy fish hits.

Or if you are Scott Sommerlatte, you do it all the time by taking your own pictures and having a great working relationship with the editor.

The April cover of Saltwater Sportsman features the Lone Star Outdoor News contributor and well-respected midcoast guide holding up a monster redfish he caught.

Scott said he is glad to be recognized for his fishing and hopes the readers like the photograph. Scott took the photograph of himself, but the background had to be altered with photoshop to keep his fishing spots a secret. Scott requested the grey in his beard to be taken out, but that request must have been ignored. 

This is Scott’s second cover on the magazine and he hopes to get one more cover shot to be tied with one of his good friends, who has graced the cover three times. Scott has been included on the cover of Boat US, with goals for future covers.

“I would like to one day be on the cover of Field and Stream,” he said.

“Tenacious, observant and intense” are all words Scott used to describe himself as a fisherman. But his path to the cover was met with some online resistance.

Saltwater Sportsman took a Facebook poll for the cover of the April edition between Scott and Jennifer Gray Reeves, a well-known Florida guide holding a big snook. The magazine’s fans hit the page to express their vote.

 “Wow … poor guy. Whoever he is – No contest!” said Ethan Gibney.

“Snook, beauty beats beard,” said Brendon Nelson.

Even with all of the comments picking beauty over the beast, he still won out.

Scott is a big fan of loud 80s and 90s rock music and insists there is a place for rock music — just not on the water. 

“I don’t want to hear other boaters playing loud music,” he said. “Especially while I am quietly trying to fish a spot.”

Some of the fans on Facebook think he is starting to resemble a current country music star.

“Zac Brown needs to stick to music,” said John Bonotto.


When Scott is not on the water, he enjoys restaurants Barketts in Seadrift where he can often be seen drinking his signature cocktail — Crown Reserve on the rocks.