Update: Rockport fishing better at night


Lone Star Outdoor News Executive Editor Craig Nyhus is near Rockport this week for a media event.

After a tough outing yesterday morning, Craig and a few friends found success last night. 

“Our luck changed when fishing from the shore of Redfish Lodge in Rockport,” he said. The wind laid down and,after sunset, the shrimp and mullet were jumping. Trout were chasing mullet and shrimp and we capitalized by throwing lures past the fleeing bait and running it  back aggressively. Jason Wood and I caught dozens of trout, but that wasn’t the highlight.”

After catching a nice, 24-inch redfish in the morning, Jason, a Massachusetts native and New York resident, followed that up with several trout under the lights, then completed his Texas Slam with a small flounder just before midnight.

Here was Craig’s report from earlier in the day:

“We hit the trifecta this morning,” he said. “Post-cold front, huge north to northwest wind and a falling tide made for difficult fishing. Only one redfish landed in our boat — I lost another one.”

IMG 0533

The group tried croaker and cut mullet to entice the redfish.

“A few of the other 

boats fared slightly better,” he added. “One boat caught six redfish out of one pothole in a short period of time. Another one of our boats tried the same pothole with no luck.”