Gulf Coast fishing heats up

Lone Star Outdoor News

Fishing conditions on San Antonio Bay were solid for redfish and trout the first weekend in May.

There were reports of a 100-plus school of redfish greeting clients on a recent trip with Capt. Nathan Beabout. Calm weather with no breeze made fishing for the reds more difficult, but they were able to pick up a few as the school swam toward them after being spooked by an oncoming boat.

“We switched gears running to a new area of knee-deep sand pockets and scattered grass beds to try our hand at some redfish,” he said.

Throwing dirty tequila and topwaters, they managed a few mid-slot reds and a couple more solid trout.

The anglers targeted oyster reefs in the bay and had luck throwing watermelon DSL with an 1/8-ounce jig head to catch trout almost every cast, though they weren’t keepers.

Beabout found reefs holding bigger trout, however. Trout were also hitting strawberry wine on 1/8- and 1/4-ounce jig heads near the shoreline over sand pockets and guts.

“Solid trout between 19-24 inches were crushing our soft plastics,” Beabout said.