Hot fishing in cool weather

Edited by Darlene McCormick Sanchez

Photo by Nathan Beabout

So far, winter fishing along the coast has offered some great opportunities.

“Wade fishing has been good over knee-deep mud/grass,” said Capt. Nathan Beabout, who guides salt-saltwater fishing trips out of Seadrift. A recent trip resulted in 30-40 trout and six-seven reds. Baits of choice were Corky Softdines and Down South Lures in key lime.

Beabout said the key was to find areas holding mullet and dragging a top-water or Corky Softdine through the baitfish area. It’s the time of year to be watchful of the bite and move to find baitfish.

“Regardless of the weather, the fishing has been hot,” he said.

Captain Nathan Beabout

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