Galveston complex producing fish, wind

img 0319The fish are in Galveston Bay, but the wind is too, according to area guide Fred George.

“It’s really been blowing here,” George said. “The fishing has been good, but the wind has been blowing the last three days.”

Despite the conditions, Saturday morning was a good day to be out on the water for trout as opposed to redfish, he said.

“We’re doing better on the trout, fishing pretty much the whole system — East Bay and the Trinity,” he said. “We’re catching good trout and a mixture of reds every now and then. When that wind picks up, it kind of jacks with us.”

George said plastics such as paddle tails have been effective.

“Most of the reds have been keeper-sized and the slot,” he said. “We have caught a few flounder, even though we’re not targeting them. We’ve come across a few in the drainage areas.”

Targeting shell has worked the best for George, as he said there aren’t a lot of birds that have been seen working the area.

Capt. Fred George, (281) 546-5816.