Chocolate Bay producing, but anglers looking forward to flounder

bonnies-flounderThough the fishing around Chocolate Bay for redfish and trout hasn’t been bad, anglers are ready for Saturday’s flounder gigging season to open.

“The fishing has been good for redfish and trout, and I’ve been catching flounder when we target them,” Capt. Greg Verm said. “The flounder are unbelievable. I saw one over 12 pounds; I grew up down here and had never seen one like that.”

Verm said that since he hasn’t been able to gig them, he just catches them on rod and reel.

“I stop and sight cast to the flounder when I see some good ones with Gulps and jigs,” he said. “I can get about 70 percent to eat. There’s nothing like fishing in eight inches of water and seeing the fish you’re trying to catch eat your lure, then explode on the surface.”

But the reds and trout aren’t to be forgotten.

“We’re whacking the heck out of redfish,” he said. “This time of year I’m fishing mainly in back bayou areas with live bait; either live mullet on the bottom or shrimp under a popping cork.”

Verm said the reds are in about two feet of water, while the trout are holding on drop-offs up to eight feet deep. The bull run seems to be about finished.

When flounder gigging season opens back up, you can bet Verm will be one of the anglers out there.

“I start tomorrow at midnight,” he said.

To contact Capt. Greg Verm, call (409) 739-8526.