Lyssy and Eckel Feeds Advancing Nutrition During the Rut

Free ranging deer maximize energy expenditure during the rut and the LE Feeds Rut 2X ensures deer receive the proper nutrition to sustain rut behavior while maintaining growth. Switching to rut specific feeds promotes the best genetics to increase overall growth and productivity every year.


The Rut 2X formula has a minimum of 20-percent crude protein mixed with 10-percent fiber and 4-percent crude fat. The Omega-3 fatty acids promote overall health while reducing joint stress. Immune function suffers during the rut but the 2X formula is fortified with Corda Salus, essential oils and prebiotic fibers to increase immune functions.


In addition to a healthy base of protein, fiber and fat, the Rut 2X delivers guaranteed levels of Zinc, Manganese and Copper. It is also fortified with B-vitamins to encourage high levels of nutritional absorption. The overall formula increases sperm count and drives production from a pool of maximized genetics.
LE Feeds 2X feed requires a consistent delivery system to reach deer during the rut. LE Feeds carries a full line of feeder options to ensure every pellet has an opportunity for consumption. Durable steel constructed feeders are available from Outback, Atascosa and HB brands.

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