Pre-spawn Texas bass produce today

The big fish were hitting good this morning on Falcon. My good friend, Stan Gerzsenyi, took me to a creek bed and we threw 3/4 ounce spinnerbaits in about 10 feet of water.

The fish were hitting at the willow leaf blade two or three times before they would hammer the entire bait.

I put the first two fish in the boat and Stan took over the lead from there.

“The fish are in a pre-spawn pattern and usually spawn here in late December,” Stan said. He also added that he has seen evidence that there has been one spawn already.

“The fish are not easy to find right now but when you find them like this you can have a good day”, Stan says humbly.

Today, it was happening to our boat. We held these big ones in the live well and took photos before releasing them all.

If you want to fish with Stan, he has some days open, give him a call.

Stan Gerzsenyi, (830) 768-3648