Texas Fishing Report: Seadrift trout still good

Edited by Craig Nyhus, Lone Star Outdoor News

Photo by Nathan Beabout

According to Seadrift guide Capt. Nathan Beabout, the rout fishing is strong, while the redfish are a little harder to find.

“There are a few scattered reds lingering on the shorelines, but the pods haven’t shown up yet,” Beabout said.

The trout fishing on the grass flats has been best in areas with green water.

“We are fishing in thigh- to waist-deep water, using dark-colored plastics and Corky Softdines,” Beabout said. “The key with the freshwater run-off is to find green water, this is where you will find the most active bait.”

The freshwater flow looks like it has stopped, parts of the bay are starting to green up again, and strong southwest winds are mixing up the bay water.

On calm days, the surf has been hot for trout and redfish holding in the first gut.

“The surf water has been stained, and dark-colored plastics have worked the best.”

To contact Capt. Nathan Beabout, call (210) 452-9680.

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

Photo by Nathan Beabout

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