Trout action continues along the coast

Lone Star Outdoor News

The trout action has been great for the last couple months, and the streak continues.

Getting to the bigger trout can be a challenge, and anglers need to be prepared for fewer bites. On a recent saltwater excursion, Capt. Nathan Beabout’s strategy was to seek out reds to find big trout.

“I have said it in the past, and the key to finding bigger trout is to surround yourself with redfish. With the water pouring back into our bays with the increasing southeast winds, we knew this would happen tight to the bank, or on the top of small table-top flats,” Beabout said.

They threw DSL pumpkinseed and Chicken of the C in green water. Not long into the wade, they hooked up with some over-sized reds; another 30 yards and they came upon a small pod of reds. Each angler hooked up with some solid upper-slot reds. Beabout knew it was likely that big trout were on the nearby flat.

“About 30 minutes later, we had the first big trout, then a few casts later, another,” he said. “It was a fun day to say the least, and nice to be able to catch a few studs.”